Our Approach

Clients that Are Partners

When you work with WTM, you’re not just a client; you’re a partner. We get to know your company. From your culture to your customers, your unique selling points, goals, and long-term vision, we want to learn every facet of your business. In fact, it’s one of our agency’s core values to remain curious and always be learning.


Our team does not measure success by vanity metrics or jargon-laden reports. Success comes from partners achieving shared goals. This is why we take a customized approach when developing marketing strategies and executing campaigns. If your organization is well established, we can make sure your marketing stays fresh. If it’s brand new, we can help you grow.


Another way we help our partners achieve shared goals is by providing transparent reporting. You can view the status of your organic and paid campaigns at any time. And if something doesn’t seem to be working, our experienced SEO and PPC specialists work directly with you to find a new solution and make the necessary strategy pivot.


We call our client relationships “partnerships,” because that’s truly how we see them. When you achieve growth and meet your goals, we also win! We’re in this together.

We Deal Fairly and Transparently

Our team takes great care to ensure you know what to expect from us. From a billing perspective, WTM only charges for the time spent on your account, which is why we don’t sell packages. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing there are no hidden fees or wasted costs. We are always happy to show you exactly what we’re doing and explain how it fits into your overall strategy.


At WTM, we believe digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. The industry may be complex, filled with jargon and acronyms, but our team cuts through all of that to deliver clear reports for our clients. We take time to help you understand your online performance and new areas of opportunity. If you ever have questions, we’re happy to answer them! We want you to fully understand the work we’re doing for your business.


If you’re interested in digital marketing services of any kind—search engine optimization, paid search, web development, or something else—we’re happy to talk with you about your goals and budget.

A Team You’ll Love

Meet the Team

We have carefully built our team by hiring professionals who share the same important qualities:









WTM employees also share a special quality that we like to call the “Good Egg:”

We lift up our team members and clients.


We use empathy to step into the shoes of others.


We always show appreciation and respect towards our clients and fellow co-workers

About Our Culture

It’s a bit of a cliche, but it’s true: you produce your best work when you’re doing something you love. Every WTM employee has a passion for digital marketing. Whether it’s wading through 50k-line search term reports, immersing ourselves in a client’s industry, or keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates, our team approaches each task with enthusiasm and curiosity. Our philosophy is to always be learning and sharing our insights.

WTM Digital wants to do everything we can to achieve success for our clients. If a client leaves, it truly hurts us because we feel each client is a part of the team. We are focused on ensuring our client partners are happy.

Lastly, we believe investing in people is the most important thing we can do. That’s why we carefully select team members who fit into  our company culture .

Careers at WTM Digital

The WTM Team likes to have fun. But that doesn’t mean we’re not professional. In fact, we often hear that our enthusiasm for our work is an added value for our clients. That’s not an accident.

Yes, we want talented people, but talent itself is not enough. We hire people who understand our client-centered approach and who take success and failure very seriously. Our clients know they’re getting a team of people dedicated to their success at every level, and it’s why they keep coming back.

Want to work with a team that shares your passion for digital marketing?

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