eTail best in class: Search
It is with great honor to announce that our client, the National Notary Association won the eTail Best in Class award for best use of online search to drive search visibility and revenue. Together, our teams employed smart, proactive, and customer focused tactics to drive revenue growth of more than 65%, when compared to prior year. The National Notary Association was not the only winner, as other 2018 Best-in-Class winners included: Macy’s, Aldo, Albertson’s, Spanx, Modcloth, and Glasses USA for a variety of categories.


How did they achieve this growth? Content Marketing

Collaboratively, the team at the National Notary Association and WTM Digital combined on a strategy took a real estate acquisition approach, utilizing much of their already owned assets to earn as much search visibility as possible. Utilizing the deep archive of content the NNA possesses, our teams positioned these assets as revenue centers, earning high-funnel and long-tail informational queries. Consumers were increasingly searching horizontally for queries within the NNA’s purview and visibility for those queries started with understands those with eventual bottom funnel intent.


Understanding non-transactional queries with the highest intent, our teams utilized existing and developed new assets to answer the questions better than results earning the top organic positions, whom outranked the NNA. This allowed the NNA to earn the coveted Featured Snippet position, as well as multiple placements at the top of the search result. Once the consumer visited the site and engaged with their expert thought leadership, a conversion rate optimized approach to these organic landing pages allowed our teams to predict the consumer’s next step in the decision funnel, and recommend relevant content or newsletter submission.


Once we were able to continue to nurture them through the funnel, this fueled the NNA’s direct response mediums to drive conversions at a higher rate through SEM remarketing, Social Media Advertising, eMail, amongst others.

WTM Digital has helped the NNA achieve transformational Web results. Their strategic leadership led to exponential Organic Web sales growth. Our SEO program’s success was validated by winning eTail’s 2018 Best-in-Class Search Engine Optimizer award.


Information About eTail

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