Digital Marketing Mix

Our team believes that a successful digital marketing campaign doesn’t just focus on content marketing, link building, or pay per click advertising. Technical SEO has a tremendous impact on your website’s ability to rank and earn qualified traffic from your target audience.

Think of your website like a house. Your home’s exterior and landscaping represent your website’s design. Over time, you may perform home improvement projects to keep your home up to date. You may even add a room to the house. That’s like content marketing and link building. You have to do things on your website to attract search engines and users.

But a house is only as good as its foundation and framework, no matter how nice it looks on the surface. This is where technical SEO comes in. Think of it as the infrastructure of your website — holding everything together so that users and search engines can appreciate the visual and interactive portions of your site.

The table below shows just a few of the ways in which poor technical SEO can affect your website’s overall performance.

Technical SEO Issue

Blocked Resources

Prevents search engines from crawling your website content

Slow Site Speed

Reduces user engagement and customer satisfaction across all traffic channels

Failure to Implement Permanent Redirects

Leads to declines in organic visibility

Revenue Tracking Errors in Google Analytics

Makes it difficult to assess return on investment (ROI) for SEO and PPC campaigns

PPC Landing Pages Appearing in Search Results

Leads to index bloat and duplicate content issues

This is why we often recommend that clients start their campaign with a technical SEO audit. This allows our specialists to identify any issues that could affect website performance and, subsequently, other campaigns.



We’ll first discuss your business objectives, website issues, challenges with your content management system, and more. Then we’ll use comprehensive tools to identify errors that could be affecting your website’s performance. Additionally, our team will suggest technical optimizations that could enhance your organic visibility. If you’re launching a new website, we’ll address items that can help mitigate traffic loss.

Our comprehensive website audits also examine your Google Analytics account and  Tag Manager integration  to ensure they are properly deployed and follow best practices. We can identify any problems that could affect your data and reporting. After all, what good is your data if it’s not accurate?

Deliverable Review

Robots.txt, canonicalization, schema markup…what does all of this mean? Don’t worry. Once we complete our audit, we take time to review our findings with you and your team. We want to make technical SEO easy to understand. So, you won’t just receive a list of problems to fix. The audit will cover your website’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Based on our findings and best practices, we’ll prioritize items to address in order of importance and impact.


Once we’ve reviewed your audit or strategy with you, it’s time to implement those recommendations. Some of our clients choose to give the audit to their web team to implement. Others prefer to have WTM communicate directly with their web development or IT team.

Don’t have in-house resources? That’s okay! Our Technical & Analytics department has a working knowledge of CMS platforms and can implement most recommendations. We also have an  in-house web development team  who can implement any remaining items.

Technical SEO Cost?

Our technical SEO services start at $2,000 and can exceed $10,000. Some of our clients choose to invest in one-time technical SEO projects; however, many invest in ongoing services after an audit, especially for dynamic websites like e-commerce.

With WTM Digital, you have options. If you need a partner to manage your technical SEO, we can do it. If you’re looking for an agency to make recommendations to your team, we can help. Our Technical & Analytics department is available in any capacity your team needs.

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