Get a Custom Digital Audit Technical SEO Audits

W e offer three different website audits which focus on distinct areas of Technical SEO. These audit options are designed to improve your website’s organic indexability, address page speed issues, and mitigate organic performance fluctuations during a site relaunch.


Identify issues preventing your pages from being crawled and indexed by search engines.


Evaluate elements, assets, and resources that are impacting page speed performance.


Analyze over 70 technical elements before and after a new website launch to mitigate performance fluctuations.


Ready to improve your site’s performance?

Get a Custom Digital Audit PPC Evaluations

A PPC evaluation from the WTM Digital team provides clear insight into the efficiencies of your paid search efforts with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Our PPC specialists will review your campaigns and walk you through a custom analysis of what strategies are driving growth for your business and what strategies could be improved upon for optimal performance.


Review ad account setup and structure to align with best practices.


Analyze issues limiting campaign ROI.


Identify opportunities for improved ad performance.


Need help improving the ROI of your paid advertising?

Get a Custom Digital Audit Amazon Evaluations

Our Amazon evaluations focus on the effectiveness of your Amazon advertising campaigns and offer actionable findings to improve your Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).


Evaluate campaign structures which may be limiting growth.


Identify causes and solutions for low page rank.


Investigate high ACoS and unprofitable campaigns.


Are your Amazon Ads struggling to generate profit?

Get a Custom Digital Audit Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audits

A CRO audit from WTM’s UX designers helps identify opportunities for improving your website’s user experience and conversion rate at key decision points. If your website is getting traffic but struggling to convert that traffic into sales or leads, it may be time for a custom CRO audit.


Analyze user experience and conversion performance on key landing pages.


Identify ways to simplify the conversion process on your website.


Conduct A/B tests and provide data-driven recommendations to improve conversion rates.


Is your website failing to drive conversions?

Happy Clients

Client Testimonials

Tom McElheny Founder and Owner, ChurchPlaza

Web Talent Marketing doesn’t blow a lot of smoke or make wild promises. They’re aware of the competitive, dog-eat-dog nature of the digital business. The team is dogmatic, thorough, and thinks in the long term.

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Thomas Hayden Vice President of Marketing, National Notary Association

Web Talent Marketing has taken time to understand our business. It’s not just about managing the account; they actually help us manage our business.

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Mary Green Communications & Outreach Manager, Beebe Healthcare

We have been with Web Talent for over three years now. They have guided us on all things digital and have done and continue to do an amazing job. I have to admit that a favorite part of my job is working with our Web Talent team!

Phil Rohrer Digital Marketing Manager, Upstream Rehabilitation

You can trust that the end product will exceed expectations and that you have true experts working on your project.

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