What Problems Can This Evaluation Help Fix


Low Return on Investment (ROI)

Campaigns and keywords operating “in the red”.


Poor account setup and structure

Inhibits growth and optimization.


Incorrect targeting and settings

Targeting non-ideal geographic areas.


Unimaginative, redundant ad copy

Results in low click-through-rates and quality scores.

What’s Included in The Free PPC Evaluation

When you request a free PPC Evaluation, members of our digital marketing team will review your current campaigns and performance, in an attempt to analyze areas for improvement, as well as identify areas that currently succeed.


We will then present our findings to your team in a PDF document, and have a strategic conversation centered around your goals and performance.


Step 1

Fill out the form on this page.


Step 2

We will contact you for a discovery call to learn a bit more about your goals, and gain read-only access to your account(s).


Step 3

WTM will conduct the evaluation within a 2-3 business day timeframe and present our findings over a Zoom call at your convenience.

What Types of PPC Evaluations Can We Do?

As long as you are willing to give WTM “read-only” access to your marketing platforms like Google Ads and Google Analytics, we will give you advice and feedback on virtually any type of digital marketing effort. These are the most common types of PPC evaluations we give:


Google Shopping (product listing ad) evaluations


Google Text Ad (keyword-based) evaluations


Display and retargeting evaluations


Overall digital strategy evaluations


Conversion-tracking evaluations

Our Expertise

Platforms to Tools

Start A Conversation

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