Our client, a producer of custom, made-to-order home goods with a national ecommerce presence, wanted to expand their online brand presence and reach new potential customers.

To accomplish this, we implemented a long-term blog strategy designed to earn rankings for new search terms, reach a wider customer base, increase organic traffic, and drive revenue growth.


The goal was to produce consistent, quality blog content on a monthly basis, focusing on topics relevant to the client’s customer base. We conducted keyword, competitor, and trend research to determine relevant, high-value topics and questions. Our target audience consisted of DIY enthusiasts, home cooks, remodelers, and individuals with interest in interior design trends.

As a result, our blog strategy included a balance of evergreen content focused on home remodeling and decorating trend topics. These topics generally indicated a greater intent to purchase. We also included a mix of top-of-the-funnel content focused primarily on consideration and decision topics, such as:


  • The best wood for stairs, countertops, and similar products
  • The pros and cons of countertop materials
  • How to enhance your home with simple remodeling projects


The first blog post was published to the client’s website in Q4 2017. We were able to quickly ramp up content production to achieve our biweekly publishing goal.

Over the subsequent three years, the blog experienced substantial year-over-year growth, earning marked increases in traffic and revenue:

  • Year 1 of Blog Strategy: 137 blog entrances; $0 revenue
  • Year 2: 3,000 blog entrances; $7,066 revenue
  • Year 3: 13,275 blog entrances; $41,290 revenue

In total, the blog generated 16,475 organic website entrances and contributed $74,346 in revenue across 108 transactions.

Chart showing organic blog traffic growth from 2017 to 2020

Organic blog entrances from November 2017 through November 2020.

A blog strategy backed by thorough audience research and a consistent publication schedule can yield substantial results for e-commerce businesses. Often, blogs do not drive as many sales as core website pages, such as product or service pages.However, the results of the client’s blog campaign demonstrate a focused, consistent content plan can increase traffic as well as earn additional revenue.

Case Study Highlights

Industry: Ecommerce Home Goods Brand


  • Earn organic visibility for top and mid-funnel queries.
  • Reach customers higher in the marketing funnel.
  • Increase organic traffic and revenue.


  • Over an initial 3 year period, our client earned nearly 17,000 organic sessions and $74,346 in revenue from their blog.

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